At Bearfoot Wholefoods we love to share our own healthy recipes, check them out below:

Protein Balls

Ingredients 1 cup raw almonds ¾ cup pitted dates 2 heaped tbsp. Raw Cacao Splash of Almond milk Desiccated coconut- for rolling Method Blend dates, almonds and cacao until fine. Add almond milk and re-blend until mixture comes together between fingers. Form balls into desired size and roll in the coconut. Refrigerate before eating. Store in refrigerator or freezer in an air tight container. Note You can change the recipe by… Adding protein powder Different nuts or mixed nuts – 1 cup in total Different dried fruit e.g. apricots, goji berries or sultanas – ¾ cup in total Any other liquid or syrup that will help to combine mixture e.g. agave syrup, water, banana You can roll the balls in anythi

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