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Our Products

There are over 350 different bulk food items at Bearfoot Wholefoods and bins and barrels greet customers as they walk in the door. About 40% of our stock is organic, and the remainder is all-natural.


We strive for every food item in the store to be free of hydrogenated oils, artificial colours and flavourings. We make every effort to source products from Australia however this is dependent on availability. Transparency is important to us and all products are clearly labelled with country of origin and type of organic certification.


Why shop in bulk?
  • Pay for the product, not for the package – protect the planet!

  • You can buy as much or as little as you need, so you can experiment with new products and ingredients.

  • Bins are replenished often, so ingredients are always fresh.

  • Many of our bulk offerings are organically grown.

  • You save money because you’re only buying what you need, and you’re not paying for the fancy brands or expensive packaging.


How to shop in bulk
  • Fill the bag (we provide these) or your container (get it weighed empty first) with the amount you want. A scale is available for estimated weight.

  • Write down the number you see on the bin onto your bag or container.

  • Check out as usual. The cashier will weigh and price your purchases.


We are constantly adding to our bulk foods. If you want something we don’t have, give us a call or drop in and tell us, and we’ll see if we can get it for you. We also take special orders for large volumes.

Our Products Include


Nuts & seeds


Healthy snack mixes


Dried fruits
(organic and sulphur free where possible)


Muesli & cereals


Rice & grains


Flours and baking supplies


Bulk vinegar, oil, tahini & honey


Flours and baking supplies


Bulk vinegar, oil, tahini & honey


Herbs & spices


Herbal teas


Superfoods & greens powders


Dairy & non-dairy milk, cheese & yoghurts


Local & organic breads & sourdoughs
(gluten free, additive & preservative free and yeast free varieties)


Protein powders
(whey as well as vegetarian sources)


Vitamins & supplements


Organic & dairy free chocolates


Carob & gluten free confectionery


Gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian & vegan alternatives


Skin care & body care products for the whole family


Household & cleaning products



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